House Rules
1. Check-in time is at 15.00 hours on the first day of Guest’s stay. The Guest shall check-in at the time agreed with Stay-In. The Guest shall examine the cleanliness and the technical condition of the Apartment right after entering the Apartment. The Guest shall inform Stay-In at least 24 hours before scheduled check-in time if scheduled check-in time falls outside of the working hours of Stay-In’s local office.

2. Check-out time is at 11.00 hours on the last day of the Guest’s booked stay. Not later than at 11.00 hours, or at such other time as may be agreed with Stay-In, the Guest shall return to Stay-in the keys to the Apartment.
3. The Guest is required to obey curfew, safety rules and fire safety regulations in the Apartment and in the building. Between 22.00 hours and 06.00 hours any behavior causing disturbance to residents of the neighboring apartments is prohibited.
4. The Apartment shall be occupied by the Guest solely for the purpose of short holiday stay. The Guest shall not remove any piece of equipment, furniture or decoration from the Apartment. The Guest shall not make duplicates of the keys to the Apartment.
5. Smoking in the Apartment is prohibited. The Guest who does not observe the non-smoking rule shall be charged 300 PLN to cover the cost of dry cleaning of curtains and bed covers in the Apartment.
6. When leaving the Apartment the Guest is required to shut all windows, to lock the door and safeguard the keys.
7. The Guestis responsible to ensure that the number of persons staying in the Apartment does not exceed the maximum number of gests indicated in the Booking Confirmation, in the catalogue or on relevant webpage.
8. The Guest shall not keep any animals in the Apartment unless it is agreed otherwise with Stay-In.
9. The Guest as well as all other persons staying in the Apartment are required to present to Stay-In identity documents (ID, passport) for registration purposes.
10. The Stay-In leaflet placed in the Apartment will contain the telephone number, to be used by the Guestto makerequests or complaints related to the Apartment.
11. The Guest is responsible for any damage to the Apartment, its furniture, decoration and equipment, as well as for any damage to neighboring apartments and premises, reasonable use and wear and tear excepted, caused by the Guest or other persons who stay in the Apartment during term of lease.
12. The Guest is liable to cover all damage described in point 11 above. The Guest shall inform Stay-In about any and all destruction or damage caused by the Guest or other persons who stay in the Apartment during the term of lease.
13. As security for the Guest’s liability described in point 12 above, the Guest shall make a security deposit (set forth in § 3 point 10 above) at the time of check-in. This security deposit shall be refunded to the Guest at the time of check-out. In the event that the Apartment and its condition cannot be inspected while the Guest is present, Stay-In shall check the Apartment within 3 days from the date the Guest returned the keys to the Apartment and shall return the security deposit to the Guest account within 7 days from the date the Guest left the Apartment.
14. To cover damage described in point 11 above, Stay-In may deduct charges from the security deposit and/or debit the Guest’s credit card. All costs of repair will be calculated based on local market prices.
15. If damages exceed the amount of deposit Stay-In may claim the excess from the Guest and the Guest shall pay all amounts due within 5 days from Stay-In’s written demand.
16. Stay-In will charge 300 PLN to the Guest if the keys to the Apartment or remote to a parking lot is lost by the Guest.

§ 7
Check-out Procedure
1. On the last day of stay, before check-out, Stay-In shall inspect the Apartment and its condition.
2. One day before the day of checking out, the Guest shall confirm by phone to Stay-In’s authorized personnel, advised to the Guest by Stay-In, the exact time of check-out.
3. The Guest shall assist Stay-In during inspection of the Apartment conducted by Stay-In before check-out.
4. The Guest shall return all keys and remotes to Stay-In before leaving the Apartment.