University of Gdansk – Medicine – Dentists

The medical university was founded in 1945. Its aim is inextricably linked to the century-old tradition of medical and scientific practice in Gdańsk, especially in Gimnazjum Gdańskie (Gymnasium Gedanense) founded in 1558 and later given a more academic name (Gymnasium Academicum sive Illustre, Atheneum Gedanense). Atheneum Gedanense Novum. The most talented professors ran the department of medicine and anatomy. The most recognized speaker was Joachim Oelhafius, who comes from Gdańsk, most known for being the first in Northern Europe to perform a public autopsy. Also Jan Kulmus, whose large anatomical release “Tabulae anatomicae” was published in Gdańsk in 1932. The work was published in many editions and was translated into several languages.

Our dental clinic in Gdansk is located near the old town – but in brand new buildings. The clinic is totally new with the latest equipment – see pictures here

An experienced team of qualified medical specialists, who together form a harmonious and competent team of dentists and dental technicians, are able to meet even the most difficult treatments. Our clinic is one of the few dental clinics with its own laboratory that has dental technicians who will take care of the technical side which is a huge advantage. They choose the right color, shape and size of the new teeth for the patient’s facial structure, as well as performing the most complicated prosthetic treatments. Our dental clinic in Poland has the advantage they can make dentures and dental crowns very quickly, usually within 28 hours. Which means a lot of money saved for the patient to avoid waiting and extra expenses on travel and stay.

Kate our dental technician with several years of experience. She graduated with a bachelor’s degree at the medical university in Gdansk in 2007. Kate graduated early after completing her education abroad to gain new skills and experience.

Kate worked in dental laboratories in Iceland and in Germany. After returning to Gdansk, she continued to work in one of the best laboratories in Poland. The work is her passion. The treatment is performed individually and carefully for each patient. For the past few years she has worked in the laboratory and in the dental clinic. Kate delivers the selection of colors, as well as in the placement of dentures and crowns at the clinic. The method performed is the physician-key workflow technique. All treatments are performed with utmost care and in the shortest possible time. 
Kate does not compromise on quality or performance, and uses materials of the highest environmental quality, and the work is carried out at a very high technical level

We know from experience that each patient requires an individual treatment and its importance

Therefore, we try a treatment method that will be the most effective, but also prove to be the most economical. Our goal is to give a beautiful and aesthetic smile in a painless manner in a cozy and calm atmosphere.

At the first consultation, the treating doctor will create a so-called “treatment plan” for the patient. It will inform him of his condition and the possibilities of treatment methods and calculate the exact price.

In our clinic we offer our patients the possibility of treatment in a painless and professional manner. Patient safety is our first priority, so all the materials and equipment used are sterilized by Melag or disposable. In addition, the clinic has a professional dental system with automatic disinfection. 

We have top modern equipment that increases the quality of the treatments.

Microscope for endodontic treatment, RTG, visualization of the tooth, equipment for channel treatment, channel measuring equipment. All work is done with a magnifying glass that ensures even greater accuracy and precision. Prosthesis work is performed by leading dental technicians specializing in aesthetic dentistry.